Why can’t we all just get along?

I write here at a point where I am in the midst of much drama away from the road not only world events that seem to get to me, but noise from home and noise from employers. I have seen many things in my short life and experienced the kindness and appreciation from people who have virtually nothing, yet would give me their bed for a night rather than see me lie in a road, or see themselves go hungry in order to feed me!
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Sneaking Around Saigon!

I had a romantic notion of Saigon; I was filled with the imagery from stories of journalist and photojournalists from the decades on war during the twentieth century, and I was also filled with imagery from Graham Greene’s book The Quiet American. As we drew close I was excited to see what this well taled city had to offer and has been the norm we were dropped off for the last time by the magic bus.

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Nha Trang Tan

We were told differing stories about Nha Trang by a few travelers, some said it was like a cheesy resort town likened to Benidrom in Spain and some could not promote the amazing beaches enough! So, we were torn when deciding whether to go there or not!?! In the end we felt the need for some proper beach time so we opted to stay for a couple of days!

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As you have probably learnt over the time of our writing I have a keen interest in History and especially military history, so visiting Vietnam held a great number of points of interest to visit including learning about the differences between views of the war between people in the north and south and also the official party line to the actions and exploits of the Ho Chi Minh and the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and also the French and subsequently the Americans and its Allies in the war.

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Tour de Sapa

We landed in Sapa with some ideas of what to do and some recommendations we had picked up one of them was doing a cycle from the O Quy Ho Pass cycling downhill into the next valley region Lai Chau. The three of us were all keen to go for a cycle so we signed up with a shop near our guesthouse with a guide whom looked liked, Mr. Chow from the hangover!

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The 'Nam

Now I am not going to lie as we were leaving Laos and preparing to cross the border into Vietnam I was getting really excited, this was one of the countries that I had always wanted to visit for many reasons and was one of the countries at the top of my list when we were originally planning our journey.
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Laotian Grooves

From the moment we heard our first sound of free music in Laos we were constantly on the go and music was our companion. From the winding mountain roads, to the sleepy river towns and onto the epic cross country journey to the border this playlist is a selection of the songs that where sound bites from our journey or songs that evoke memories of the sights, sounds and scene's of this fabulous country.

Happy Listening!

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Les Petits Ecolies – by the ‘Frenchies’

This is a plug for our new friends the ‘Frenchies’ who we met during our elephant Mahout Training.  They have taken time out from there respective careers to travel the world. In addition to seeing the world they have embarked on a personal project to meet children from the countries they are visiting and find out about there thoughts on key and important Environmental Issues!

A fantastic project and a very important one listening and learning to our future generations! Check out and follow the work here!