Miniens Sextape

Thats right folks we did it, our numbers were flagging after not posting for a while so we figured it was time to release our sextape! When times are tough you have to do what the celebs do and get saucy!!

Now that you're here i'll let you in on a little secret, its not really our sex tape (how dare you think we would do such a thing when we aren't married yet!!), this however is more a compilitation of our favourite, sauciest, and down right funny sexy moments! Call it our Carry on McMiniens!

Poor Sue she never got a rest!


'We can talk about it, but I don't believe you!' 


'What was on the shopping list my dear?' ....A Lamp, Electric Razor, Hairdryer oh and of course a Dildo!!


'Beijing might want to revisit its merchandising....Or maybe not!?!'


 This frisky threesome on an exotic beach in India caught our eye!


Well its pretty clear where the red light district is in Beijing!


 Asian Cowgirl!


A 'Hot' Photo Shoot, these girls forgot that a 30 year old does not fit into a 16 year olds clothes!


Well Blow me!


German, Definietly German and definitely a sex pest!


Holy Exposure In a Buddhist Temple!