The 'Nam

Now I am not going to lie as we were leaving Laos and preparing to cross the border into Vietnam I was getting really excited, this was one of the countries that I had always wanted to visit for many reasons and was one of the countries at the top of my list when we were originally planning our journey.
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Laotian Grooves

From the moment we heard our first sound of free music in Laos we were constantly on the go and music was our companion. From the winding mountain roads, to the sleepy river towns and onto the epic cross country journey to the border this playlist is a selection of the songs that where sound bites from our journey or songs that evoke memories of the sights, sounds and scene's of this fabulous country.

Happy Listening!

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China Channel

In the land of Communism and with the supression of the freedom of speech and expression, here is a playlist and soundtrack that rocked our world as we travelled overland through the China. A epic soundtrack for a epic journey through a very diverse culture and landscape that was one of the toughest legs of our Journey to date.
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Air Asia Sountrack

As we jetted off from Australia we were travelling to places that were a steeping stone into Asia, we had 2 weeks and 3 flights to get us around Singapore, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur. We did some travelling and some relaxing and of course this came with our own little soundtrack, enjoy.
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Crowd Care!

Now, whilst in Australia I have discovered that volunteering is a great way to do and see things that we don’t have the budget for.

One such opportunity is for Music Festivals. I am a big fan of festivals and am a big music head. I have been going to Music Festivals since I was 14 and back in Reading, home to one of the greatest and legendary festivals in the world!

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Please Don't Wait!!!

This blog is to pay homage to the man that has fed us for the last 6 weeks, morning noon and night he has cooked up some unbelievable meals, in some of the most remote locations with the most minimal set up one could ever think to cook his dishes with!
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