This must be my time to have a little rant, maybe I have been on the road too long or maybe its just because I just see idiots on the road and can’t help but share! Like Roy Walker used to say, ‘Say what you see?’

I write this blog as a member of society who is appreciating the modern age of digitization and reduction in size of everyday objects for our convenience. I appreciate the work Apple has done for us over the last decade; our trip would not be the same without Mr. I-Pod and Mrs. I-Touch and not forgetting our tiny and robust Netbook with its built in web cam.

In society we have been given access to some of the smartest, smallest and highest quality camera’s very cheaply, and if you really don’t want a standalone camera the smart phones of today can include all of life’s digital essentials in one place!

But some things I cannot fathom…..

Thats right, why on earth would one use an I-Pad to take pictures, it’s not designed to be a camera and cannot ergonomically be held to take a quality picture! So you have nothing else and want to take a snapshot? Fine worst case use it, but really you have spent all this money to go and visit some of the most spectacular places and unique events in the world and you can’t be bothered to take a proper camera…..shame on you!

To top it off people even forsake a camera with a camera strap which is for safety and security in situations when taking a photograph, what have you got on a I-Pad? That’s right a nice screen protector that acts as your camera holder!

Or in fact nothing! Thats right we have no strap to help keep the I-Pad safe while we hold that expensive shiny, smooth and slippery piece of equipment over a flowing stream we happen to be sat in the middle of….I-Diot.