Laotian Grooves

From the moment we heard our first sound of free music in Laos we were constantly on the go and music was our companion. From the winding mountain roads, to the sleepy river towns and onto the epic cross country journey to the border this playlist is a selection of the songs that where sound bites from our journey or songs that evoke memories of the sights, sounds and scene's of this fabulous country.

Happy Listening!

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Les Petits Ecolies – by the ‘Frenchies’

This is a plug for our new friends the ‘Frenchies’ who we met during our elephant Mahout Training.  They have taken time out from there respective careers to travel the world. In addition to seeing the world they have embarked on a personal project to meet children from the countries they are visiting and find out about there thoughts on key and important Environmental Issues!

A fantastic project and a very important one listening and learning to our future generations! Check out and follow the work here!

Bagels and Coffee

After two months on the road and pretty much living off curry followed by Chinese food, with a couple of breaks for a Macca’s we arrived in Luang Prabang which had been touted as the Latte Capital of Laos. Now based off what we read and had seen so far we were not expecting much, but had been told by our new friends in Luang Namtha to visit a café called Arthouse Café.  It apparently did great western food and was managed by an American lady who had inspired them to set up their place in LN.
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The Picture I Never Took

I tend to beat myself up when I miss a great shot, be it I never had a camera or we are traveling and I cannot get the driver to stop or something similar, but this is not a story about a photograph I wanted to ever take, its about a scene that shocked, disgusted and saddened me all in the space of a brief 5 second glimpse.
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