Bagels and Coffee

After two months on the road and pretty much living off curry followed by Chinese food, with a couple of breaks for a Macca’s we arrived in Luang Prabang which had been touted as the Latte Capital of Laos. Now based off what we read and had seen so far we were not expecting much, but had been told by our new friends in Luang Namtha to visit a café called Arthouse Café.  It apparently did great western food and was managed by an American lady who had inspired them to set up their place in LN.

So, on our arrival into Luang Prabang we sought out this suggested food heaven. After a short walk along one of the rivers we came across the café, we walked in and sat ourselves down. The menu was brought across by a sweet Laotian girl and we perused what was on offer, the menu looked amazing, it was almost to good to be true, I spied a bagel sandwich offering bacon, egg and cheddar cheese to boot, I was not convinced how good this could be in the middle of Laos but I gave it a shot, along with a fruit smoothie.

The bagel came out and it looked pretty good and within 5 seconds of it landing on the table I was taking a bite, it was to die for...


Who knew such delights existed in this underated SE Asia country. We were sold and the bagel became of staple for the next few days. Arthouse Café also became the cause for our staying on longer than planned when the manager Debra, who was originally from Philly, told us about the Expat meals she had her staff prepare on Sundays.  This week it was going to be chicken parm followed by a red velvet cake! We stayed and it was amazing however I was gutted as the following Sunday was going to be Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings!!!