Laotian Massage

It is like being back in Africa, so many happy memories of the African Massage, who knew we would find them in Laos, in some respects even more rough!

Yep the roads here are not that great especially up in the mountains, we arrived on a spectacular road into Laos that ended at a town called Pakming. This it would appear is where China Infrastructure Machine ended its journey into Laos.

Laos is a poor country so I expected to have some interesting journeys in a country that is so road and river reliant for its delivery of products and produce, but I did not expect the extent to which the roads were in a bad condition.

As we were to travel the country entirely by road in Laos this was going to be an interesting ride. From our second day and journey from Luang Namtha to Luang Prabang we were treated to a heavy and long massage with one section of 20km taking about 2 hours. This was a particularly enjoyable section for the scenery as we passed through the high mountains and through the clouds, passing villages perched on the edge of cliffs on one side and land slide threatening slopes on the other, this was all while dodging large trucks or adventurous motorbike drivers of the narrow and winding roads.

Needless to say we had a few jaw droping moments, some loud in takes or breath and of course a great Laotian Massage!