Out of the Office

Friday 26th August 2011, I left the office at 5.30pm, it was a sad day as I had been working in the same department for 4 years, the longest of my tenure at the Firm. There are some good memories and great banter that won’t be forgotten and also my desk buddies, who got to know my every quirk over the years! There is also one more reason for sadness in leaving the department, Why? Because that is where I met my girlfriend and traveling companion, who shares my hopes and dreams in this big adventure!

After years of yearning for this big adventure I am thrilled that it is coming true! From my teenage years this has been a dream, there were points in life that I wondered if I would ever make it to all seven continents let alone visit all seven in one trip, now after many years of hard work and saving it is finally here!

Where am I at? Well I could quote a few songs and throw out a few clichés but that’s not me, what I will say is that I am very happy and excited to get this adventure underway.

We have been very busy since leaving work in preparation for the Journey but all in all it’s been great, I felt like I was bunking (hooky) off from school! Waking up late, going to bed late and drinking beer at midday on a Tuesday….its all too good to be true!!

Although through all the preparations for leaving, what we had not planned for was two natural disasters in the space of one week! WTF! We have not even left New York! Irene, such a bitch, managed to ruin our leaving drinks and had everyone in NY running for cover! Accept for a brave few soles at Jon’s Refugee camp, we went out in search of the 50 year storm, and found a Dunkin Donut’s open and a Japanese restaurant so we had sushi for dinner, Happy Days!

Leaving New York has been an odd experience, it’s been nearly 6 years since I first arrived to start a new life in the city that never sleeps! When I arrived I knew one person and had two hold-all’s; now 6 years later I leave behind my life and my home and a great bunch of great friends, experiences and memories! And not forgetting the small Manhattan Mini Storage room!

But as I leave I have some words for a few folks: Jossy’s Giants, you’ve got to go out and find that box to box player that still eludes the team! I now join the infamous alumni of which I am very proud, and leave you short the trophy man, but my absence also reduces the risk of anymore casual racism, Bob is the only brown man on the team now! Best Served Cold, Guys and Gals I steered you to a good spot in the playoffs, I leave you in the hands of a great leader, do me proud and win us that division 2 trophy, and if you meet Benetton in the final, don’t forget I expect chants of “cheater”, back at you know who! Friday nights will not be the same! NYCCC, honor the badge and win us some matches! I am honored to have the annual Michael Hedley Invitational Trophy carry my name, it makes me happy to know my services to trophies will survive me! Woodies Warriors you just better win the bloody match! To the other Royal Teabagger, it’s ours I feel it, another year of british domination, I have a days budget a stake so for Queen and country! To the Vermont Folks, I’ll miss you all and the snow BBQ’s! Crazy legs muchas gracias for letting me be your roomy in the beginning and in the end! LP don’t you cheat on me, you know what they say, once you’ve had brown… To one person, you know who you are – SMBB! And finally to the BWC, what can I say its been emotional! Just keep on coming! Oh and to the Blackbear Lodge..RIP! Thanks for giving me Jameson’s since 2006!

All in all New York I’ll Miss You!