Coming Home

So it’s been 2 weeks since I left work and about a week and a half since I left New York, so far so good! It’s been a little strange so far not thinking about working or worrying about going back, it stills feels like a normal holiday, but I think once we arrive in Turkey the reality of the Journey will kick in!

In the meantime we have bounced into England via Iceland (See Steph’s earlier blog), it's good to be back! This has been the longest I have been back in the motherland for a while, I think in fact since I left these shores for New York in 2006.

Its been really nice to spend some quality time at home with mum, taking some time out below to go for a walk around where I grew up and mucked about as kids!

So while I have been back I have been staying with my Mum in Reading and in fact she will be the only family member I will see before we head off, my siblings are all over the place or away on holiday. So while I am here I have being doing a few bits and bobs around the house, taking Steph to a few old stomping grounds and introducing her to some in budget 'delacies' she had not yet tried! Also drinking lots of tea and eating lots of bacon butties, its so good to be back!

Please note Pot Noodle now has Donor Kebab Flavour! Genius!

After a few days in Reading it’s off to the beloved Cornwall for a week to chill out and be there for Stuart and Callie’s wedding, I have the honour of being one of the best men! Stuart has decided to have four best men, he has given us a name, collectively we are known as Earth, Wind & Fire. More on that later….

Below is a shot of Newquay, Cornwall Overlooking Tolcarne beach! Although it looks a bad day these are some of my favourites down this way! A day t like this equals Surfing, followed by multiple ales in a snug pub with an open fire! perfect!

The surf has been pumping for September although I only managed to get out one day!!  We have been kept busy wrapping up a few things for our travels as well as new website updates (take a look!! and also wedding preparations.

The place we are staying is awesome and at the start it’s just the 3 of us (+Nick) and as the week goes on more folk arrive, we hit our capacity before the big day. It’s been a great week catching up with Da Boys and enjoying plenty of pasties and Local Ale’s.

And so that people don't think England is always Dreary here is a photo of Watergate bay, location of the wedding and probably one of my most favourite beaches in the world! This was the morning of the wedding!