Out of the Office…Gone Travellin’

More details and information and where to follow us can be found at www.themcminiens.com

Below is an excerpt from our new travel website and blog, happy reading……..

We are The McMininen’s!! Stephanie is the “Mc” and Fran is the “Minien” and together we make The McMinien’s! This site is dedicated to us, an American girl and an English boy who are taking a break from Corporate America to fulfill our lifelong dream of seeing the world and helping those less fortunate.

For the past 15 years we have collectivley spent roughly 40,000 hours behind our desks, working hard and in turn exhausting ourselves. So now for the next several months we will take time for ourselves to live out the dream dreamed by many, traveling around the world. In each country we will attempt to emerce ourselves in the local culture while living on less than $75 a day. This no doubt will be a true test of our love as we travel through 24+ countries on all 7 continents in less than a year but we couldn’t be more up for the challenge!!

Our hope for this site is that it will give you, our friends and family, a glimpse at what the world is really like firsthand. Please join us on our journey together (either virtually or in person if you are able to meet us along the way) to see the world.