New Launch - I Wanted To Help

There is a philanthropic side to Francis Minien’s photography, where for the last 5 years he has started working with Charities, NGO's and other Non Profits around the world. His aim is to provide a quality product to grass roots organisations that do not have the budget to spread their message for the good work they do. Providing photographs for websites, marketing, promotions and general use. He has worked extensively with Microfinance institutions, he has also worked with Children’s Home’s, Addiction Center’s, Education Center’s for the low income families and Arts Institutions.

As an outlet to promote the work of these non profits he has set up a new organisation called I Wanted To Help, where all projects are on exhibition in the form of photo essays.

Francis Minien Wanted To Help this is why you are here.

IWTH is an organisation that is in its fledgling stages on a path to provide a platform for visual artists to help. It’s an organisation for non profits who want to be helped with their vision. IWTH also runs its own projects on theme’s and issues that it feels are important for change in the world.

IWTH uses the Visual Arts to make a difference, revealing the truth and reality of the world to change societies attitudes and aid the plight of the less fortunate among us. Change is always needed and IWTH believes in change for good.

The idea is for IWTH to provide, pro bono, skilled and qualified visual artists to produce a quality product for the non profits vision in their mission to improve and assist the lives of the less fortunate people in the world.

IWTH provides the funding and subsequent website gallery to promote the work whilst providing the Non profit with a complete visual product per project for their needs. Non Profits have been sourced through various means but are selected carefully.

Be the change you want to see in the world – M Gandhi