News! I’m an Activist!

Great news came recently found out from PhotoPhilanthropy that my submission into the 2012 Activist Awards had been nominated for an Activist Award, a great honour! The nomination was for my work with Saidia Children’s Home in Kenya. In time the winners were announced and I did not make the finals but it was a great achievement!

Photophilanthropy is very enthusiastic about promoting the work of myself and Sadia Childrens Home

To view the full project and photo essay please visit Francis Minien’s new Philanthropic website I Wanted to Help!

PhotoPhilanthropy recognizes outstanding projects by photographers working in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. The PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award is an annual endorsement of excellence for professional, amateurs, and student photographers. Award winners will be announced in January 2013.

PhotoPhilanthropy addresses critical social and environmental issues by providing nonprofits and photographers with the resources to work together to create images that drive social change around the world. The PhotoPhilanthropy community is a place for photographers, photo enthusiasts and charitable organizations to come together – to network, to tell their stories, show their work, exchange ideas, find opportunities and financial support for their efforts.