Do Me a Favour Turkish!

So I have had a fabulous time in Istanbul, the city has been great and the people very welcoming.  There are a few things that I need to bring to the attention of the audience out there, kind of recommendations to the fellow traveler and also some corrections I think need to be addressed!

I have experienced the delights of Turkish culture including a Turkish bath, I am not going to lie, I was very nervous when I meet the butch 5ft 5 greyed haired male who was going to serve up my “traditional” experience....It got worse when I was lying down on hard marble, face to face with this would be assassin, as he had the crazed eye’s of someone seeing fresh meat for the first time! Then he jumped on me and my back cracked…Bliss, the aftermath was a very relaxed young Francis with a corrected body! All in all, a very enjoyable experience after all!

I have also enjoyed the delights of Turkish Cuisine!  Kebabs, Kebabs, Kebabs!  All very delightful, although I have to say, Raj’s Kebab van down in Caversham Precinct gives them a run for their money (well at least at 3am anyway)

But there a few things to be aware of when visiting this fair city and country:

1. Weird sports, on advertising billboards all over the place…I think I will be steering clear of this activity! (One for you JT)


2.  Turkish Viagra, really!  Cheap as chips, but don’t think its going help your old man too much!


3. “Furko” otherwise know as “Sprite” in turkey….Mis-Advertising there methinks, Turkey could benefit from “Get the Right Sprite” branding