What can I say, we are now in Africa, and it is everything and more that I expected.  From the moment we arrived there was drama and issues, but we have taken it all in our stride, as they say here TIA….This Is Africa.

People and culture is so vivid and so different, I’m not going to lie it was a bit nerve racking dropping into Africa at 2am in the morning but after some sleep we got into our stride.

The culture shock is big, although language wise there are no worries at all as English is a second language in the first few countries we are in and Cadburys (for Steph) is everywhere! I even found Lucozade and Ribena, and 20 times cheaper than NYC!

After a few days relaxing in Nairobi we have hit the ground running, visiting a Microfinance Institution in Nairobi and seeing it all. We have then gotten underway on the first leg of our trip traveling through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and then back through to Kenya and Nairobi, for the next leg south.

So far we have had some moments but more on that later. I have updated the 365 gallery as well with photographs up to the 1st October, our 1 month anniversary of traveling!

New Gallery - Photograph of the day