You're a Goose

Traveling in close quarters on a truck and sharing dorms with 9 other strangers is an interesting time, we have both traveled before and done the hostelling thing but that was a while ago. The things you over hear or see and learn from the other folks and there different personalities are funny….

The Kiwi’s call flip flops Jandels…WTF, the ozzies loosing their thongs all the time, the Dutch with there Salticrax biscuits, one of our group on Skype calling her BF a Goose, the snoring and the arguments/fight it brings, the secret shagging of the crew and the tour folks, the sex starved Scandinavian, the ridiculous ‘flapping’ of our plates and cutlery dry, the toilet escapade stories and a ‘friend of mine’ stories. . Funny times, it’s like big brother on a truck and in tents…now there is an idea!

Now we are back safely in Nairobi, a great start to the trip and all fun and good memories and good people and thanks to Tour Leader, The Captain and P.