The Road South

Kivi Milimani Hotel, Nairobi, Sunday 9th October 2011, 6.00pm.

Now we had been discussing the oncoming change of the group, the route and the crew for a couple of days before we arrived back in Nairobi. The Majority of the truck was continuing on in some way shape or form on a journey but for 4 of us Steph, Dana, Mark and I, we were picking up a new route, truck and crew.

We were a little skeptical about this as we had just had and amazing trip with great people and were reluctant to change things, but all good things must come to an end.

So 6pm this was go time……

So the results are in: we have 3 crew, Gino a crazy Spaniard is tour leader, Matt a tall chilled out Brit is the trainee tour leader and driver, and Charles a Kenyan our cook, who wouldn’t look out of place at Desmond’s in Peckham! (British TV reference for you non-brits!). Our new truck is a similar model to Neema but our new ride is called Imani!

The group which I will try my best to describe in a true stereotypical style! We have 18 people on this next section to Victoria Falls, of course this includes the dynamic duo of Steph and I, the narrators of this tale. We have our compadre’s from the last trip Dana (Oz) And Mark (Scottish) then moving on in geographical order we have two yanks Carly and Adam brother and sister from Seattle, Then we have one other Brit Ed (Oli I think I have found your long lost little brother!), then we have the largest contingent the Scandinavians type folks, 4 dutch girls Lotta, Saskia, Linda and Tilly, 3 of them smoke and they like pancakes! Then the Swedes, the two girls are the complete stereotype, Jospehine and Sophia! Aswell as best friends Sophie and Johann, then come the Danes Sophie and Morton, and the finally the Spaniard Anna.

So the stage is set and the starters are under orders, we have 3 weeks to Victoria falls lets see how this act plays out….