Land of A Million Scarves

Now Malaysia is an Islamic country which I knew and I have visited several Islamic countries, but I have not witnessed the phenomenon that was that of the ladies headscarves. I think in the UK and in the USA and even other countries I have visited I don’t recall headscarves having much in the way of colour or patterns, and I don’t recall the number of scarves being worn was high.

Now that could be that I was in the wrong area or because in different countries it is not as apparent but KL blew my mind and gave us a visual delight when it came to headscarves.  Walking through street market and shops we are hit by splashes on colour and pattern, the game becomes a Where’s Wally of where materials end and the women begin.

There were even millions of models with headscarves

I was amazed by the fact that I don’t think I even saw the same pattern on two different women; it was a dazzling fashion display that was at times overwhelming on the senses! And don’t you worry not to be left out Steph got to have a go!