KL Easy

This city is one of the most cooperative I think I have ever visited. The phrase ‘good for you good for me’ is very appropriate here; it all works because it works for everyone. The Government has a philosophy of 1 Malaysian despite very different religious backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds and blend of several provinces that are not even all connected.

You see the government owned big corporations such as Petronas making money to support the economy but you see that coming back into the country. You see the influence of capitalism into society but it does not battle with the traditional way of life or culture it compliments it. This city and country from an outsider looking in seems like a great model for a multicultural society. I am sure it has its problems, for example we saw a protest march about the cost of education and the rise in student fee’s, but arguably there would not be progress without protest. There was no thuggery here like the recent London Riots but more controlled and strong movement to make sure their voice and concerns are heard.

We had a great time in the city, it is a different experience to its nearby neighbour of Singapore but it takes its own direction. It is a gritty city in comparison to Singapore, they could do some work on the litter problem, but then on the other hand they are more environmentally friendly that some US and European cities offering recycling and twin flush toilets and simplifying containers for food and drink. Paper cups for Tea!? Pah you need a bag of tea.

I am not sure if it is the fact we are in our travel stride but this was a truly great big little city that we were able to explore and visit some hidden gems, including a Chinese temple that was directly opposite our hostel and we did not even know it! From the moment we landed until the moment we left KL was Easy!