JP Smith and the Comic Book Project

It has been 13 years since I left university and it had also been 13 years since my friend JP Smith had left university and emigrated to New Zealand with his family, leaving his record collection with a few of us as he set off for a new life. On his departure I was committed to someday traveling to visit him. Now as we all know this has taken a while, a few false starts on the way but finally I got to New Zealand and Wellington to catch up with him and a good time was had!

I write here though to introduce you to a new project JP is working on, we studied art at university, amongst other things, and JP is a fine artist, however he has now turned his hand onto a very interesting and exciting project, his Comic Book Project!

After penning a story, JP decided to make it into a comic book and is now spending his spare time sketching and then inking his sketches. The story in great and the sketches are fantastic and well worth checking out.

JP is not finished and this is work in progress which makes this a great project to follow, in his own words:

Over the coming months I’ll be posting concept ideas, sketches and pages of my new Comic Book Project!!

The blog will be updated every other week as I’ll be working on the comic in the evenings after work mostly.

Hopefully some of you will enjoy what I’m up to, feel free to post some feedback.

Having never blogged, written or illustrated a comic before any and all helpful comments will be most gratefully received.

So take a look and feel free to 'like' the project on facebook!