Photo Philanthropy - Send in the Clowns!

Whilst researching and working with other organisations in and around Kathmandu, Nepal I was asked if I would come and work with a new professional circus company group know as Circus Kathmandu.I was asked to work with the young performers to create a portfolio of images to be used on the new website launching Circus Kathmandu. The main focus was on head-shots, but I also had an opportunity to photograph them in action. There is a background to the organisation that is not at the forefront of the group, as it’s aim is not for the past to be the focus but the groups talents and future ahead of them.

Circus Kathmandu is a professional contemporary circus company in Kathmandu. Inspired by mythical Nepali storytelling, the company mixes traditional and contemporary performing arts to create edgy, fresh and dynamic circus. The company is currently made up of 13 multi-talented young people. Circus Kathmandu [CK] perform high-quality aerial and ground-based acts and shows nationally and internationally. [CK is the professional strand of Sapana social circus and training program].

CK is a contemporary circus company with a difference:

CK is comprised of hugely talented young people who have been rescued from human trafficking and other vulnerable situations. Many of its members have been retrieved from Indian circuses where they were sold as young children. They trained hard as performers, often learning skills to a very high standard, but usually missed out on other education. Without education, and often with little or no support from their families, their options are very limited when they return to Nepal. CK has given them a platform to express and further develop their hard-earned skills in a safe, supportive and highly creative environment. It also provides them with solid and enjoyable vocational options.

CK is a collaboration between these young Nepali artists and international circus and performing arts professionals. Together they experiment with mixing traditional Nepali story telling with fresh and innovative circus and theater techniques.