For the Fans

Dec 6th: Now running a blog, we have learnt after 7 months since we set it up, is no easy task. Having a blog that actually gets readers and an audience is even harder. Having a blog that keeps and attracts more and more in audience numbers is even harder. But the priceless part of it all is feedback and also a sense of pride through some of the messages we write about and we see action through these messages from you our audience.

So I just wanted to share a couple of things and give a shout out to a few folks who have written and let us know about things. The first is to all you folks who read and made the effort with the Saida Chidrens home, not only have you all given generously, Adam and Ves, sorry you missed your mochachino’s for a week but one of you has also feedback the tangible impact of the simple donations of balls to the home below is an email from one of the home’s leaders so Sue who sent the balls for the children is below along with the photographs she sent us.

Following on from this is also something that I had not even considered would be an impact from our journey our blog writing and galleries and something that deeply moved us and made us very proud of what we are doing, obviously having fun which I am not going to deny but to help, you realize in life a little can go a long long way. The below is from Michael a good friend about his family keeping up with our travels but specifically about his two children Megan and Larry

"The children have been fascinated by the images of life that`s a world away from their own. They couldn`t get their heads round “the boy with the tyre” picture. When I said “That`s all he`s got to play with” they thought I was joking but then realized I wasn`t. Silence!

Megan has been studying Africa at school and is now onto China so can`t wait to see some more photos. Larry wants to see a close up of a polar bears mouth but guess you`ve got your work cut out to come up with that one Fran!"



So a big thank you Michael thank you for sharing and a big hug to the kids. Megan and Larry here’s a shout out to you and thank you for the photograph and keeping up with the blog. Happy Belated Birthday Megan and Larry here’s to you for later in the month, love the picture…..


For the rest of you this is guilt time, there’s a few more charities and good causes we have visited and worked with along the way so watch this space, maybe with all the money you are saving by stopping drinking or smoking or eating chocolate for 2012 you can apply it somewhere else, a little goes a long way.

Thank you all and Happy New Year, have a great 2012

PS Use your extra day wisely this year!