End of A F R I C A

Dec 5th: It is with great sadness but with a great fondness that we have left Africa. It is a continent that we only just touched, but we were touched in a way that we will never forget and will inevitably return to.

It is a continent that is heavily mis-understood and mis-represented by the media and other organisations of the world. It is a continent that has been exploited by the colonial masters and once they had left, by its own tribal masters. This continues to be the case today in the majority of the countries. The ‘big men’ and money rule, ruling in favour of there tribal roots and kinsman.

Bad things have happened on this continent in recent times, but the spirit of the people to bounce back is second to none in the world. They will always bounce back and in time democracy and peace, one hopes, will overcome, at what pace only Africa can decide.

Arguably many of the countries are still finding themselves; look at South Sudan’s recent emergence as the world’s newest country after decades of civil war. It is not out of the woods yet, but it has finally carved an identity that perhaps will work for its people. Arguably maybe this is a path the nation states that remain in a constant flux of civil war or under ‘big men’ need to take, but Africa needs to decide.

Arguably Africa now has even more struggles ahead its no longer countries or tribal masters that define its future but the corporations of the world, looking at the human capital of the continent and its purchasing power, but more importantly the mineral wealth of the continent. The growing needs of the first world for the rich deposits on the continent are growing rapidly, but how this is managed will define the next era of its history, and in this only Africa can decide.

What I do know if you push past the politics and corruption of government, what lies beneath is the continent’s people and landscape, which is truly amazing. The one thing I would impart of those reading this blog, is take the plunge, go beyond the stereotypes, generalizations and history and visit this amazing continent, you will be amazed.

I will leave our previous blogs to capture of experiences of Africa and also to Steph to put together a list of highlights of our trip but I will part on simply that, Africa Captures your Spirit.