“It’s another beautiful day in Antarctica”

The expedition team, what can I say!? From the moment we set foot on the ship to the day of departure made our trip special and amazing. They are the best of the best and there is no doubting that. On the first trip they helped me complete an great plan for my proposal to Steph and made us fell so great with there well wishes and happiness for the event and for us making there trip so special, Larry was so happy for us and what he called his restoration in the belief of love and romance!

On the second trip they made us part of there family, we learnt so much and enjoyed ourselves so much in there company and the trip would not have been the same without them all. I still miss the dulcet tones of Larry each morning advising us of “another beautiful day in Antarctica” and Jannie with his Call to Zodiacs which we awaited with excitement each morning. I miss the smiling face of Marco at each landing beaming with happiness, I miss the humor, the passion and great lectures of Patri and Bob, I miss the banter and thrills with the zodiac drivers (Especially Susanna for speed!) and the excitement they still had seeing the continent, wildlife and geology each time and sharing it with us, I miss Sally and her never ending energy to answer and fix our questions and problems, especially after our return trip, And Richard for his photography tips (Shower caps! Genius!) I would also like to make a special thanks to Russ, who was our zodiac chauffeur the day we got engaged and with 3 secs warning was our photographer for the day!! 

I would like to thank each and everyone of them as they did an amazing job, if you are ever considering going to Antarctica then for the expedition team alone this is the trip for you! With over 280 years worth of polar experience between them all it is hard to go wrong!


Apologies to Pete, Dr. McClintock, Juan and Kristen I did not manage to get your photographs.