Collaboration with The Mauz Book Company

A different kind of Photography project is afoot in collaboration with The Mauz Book Company. The Company produces Kindle Touch eReader covers that look and feel like hard cover book

Working with the Owner, I have taken a version of his new range of four Kindle covers on my Journey around the world. Traveling with me around the world it is a trusty and hard working companion as well as a great subject for a photography project….

As I have gone I have been photographing the product in the various locations and situations that we have traveled to. As we send back photographs from around the world the photographs have been used as part of the web marketing campaign as the covers have gone on sale.

These are a fantastic range of book covers and have stood up to the tough test of my travels. Take a look at the photographs and also the product at

I have added some commentary from Mark and his company website below:

About Mauz Book Co

Not exactly the type that would give odds on Mr. Lucky in the 8th at Belmont. We’re more the type that wear tweed jackets. Formed in 2011, the company came from a very simple beginning: when I made the decision to switch from print to digital I was disappointed by the product offerings for a cover for my device. Most looked like folios, a few had decent designs, but none really looked like a book. So I set out to make myself a book-looking cover for my Kindle.

Many months, and more prototypes than I care to mention, later The Mauz Book Company launched with the intent of getting a book back into the hands of readers that went digital while satisfying a simple tagline: “An old favorite covering your new favorite”.

The First Four

It has been a long time coming, but we are proud to announce our first four titles: Don Quixote de la Mancha, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, Pride and Prejudice, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Each title features custom artwork, an area for inscription on the inside front cover, and a set of “pages” to secure your Kindle Touch.