Zim-Zam (Zambia)

November 10th:

So whilst we were in Victoria Falls we decided to get another stamp in the passport and cross over the bridge and the Zambezi river border into Zambia. On our way over we actually crossed through another new prinicipality that we were unaware of! On crossing the bridge we were accosted by a young boy of about 10 years old he was very polite and said hello and steph asked him who he was to which he replied “I am the President of Zim-Zam”. We graciously were welcomed into his kingdom and left after our brief visit and entered into Zambia.

Now we did not have much time in Zambia so we had to make it count, its like counting states in the US you have to do more than just go to the airport! So we decided on a smash and grab!

Up first was a short walk to see what was around the Zambia side of the falls, not much I might add, but we did see 3 tour buses rock up to the National Park entrance where you can view the Falls for a large entrance fee. We saw an opportunity we speed up and slipped through the gates with the group, result! After a brief recce we split off from the group and aimed for the falls. En route we were accosted by a security guard, we were rumbled, but Steph in her best American Tourist impression simply statedwe were let in to use the toilet as we were busting. The guard called over a couple of others,

 after a brief hubhub they let one of the men show us to the toilet. After he left us at the toilet we were able to walk back ourselves and managed to see the falls and snag a photo or two. Although on the way back the Guard came to Steph and offered to let us stay in the Park if some silver crossed his palm ($10 to be precise, Bargain as entry is $30pp), we politely declined and left the park, activity one check!

Now we were in this little village/market area selling souvenirs, but we thought a beer would be in order. After some searching we found none for sale, but whilst in one of the shops the owner overheard us and asked if we would like a beer, we said yes, he said give him $4 for two beers and he would send one of the boys off to get the beers! We gave him the money. Low and behold 10mins later the man wanders over to us and presents two ice cold Mosi beers in a brown paper bag! Result! Activity two check!

Now whilst we started on our beers we noticed an open door in the building adjoining the shop we got the beer from, it said ‘museum’. So in we pop and would you believe it, it was a museum dedicated to Victoria Falls, its history, its geology and its people including a full size naked caveman! We enjoyed the education over our beers! Activity three check!

After having so much fun in Zambia and basically breaking the law twice we decided it was time to cross the border again. Which we did to the amusement of the border guards, passing some massive and mean looking Baboons blocking our path and passing once again through Zim-Zam and saying goodbye to the President, we were back in Zimbabwe.