Truck Life

November 25th: Here is a thought for you, we spend all our waking hours around the people we are traveling with and also as far as Dana and Mark are concerned we will have spent approximately 1450 hours with them by the time we arrive in Cape Town at the end of the 3rd leg of our journey.

With some long days in the truck or some early starts (4am on a couple of days), I thought I would share a little slice of life from the truck as we have been traveling through Africa. I thought it would be funny to see how folks use some of their time on the truck especially on the early morning days, unbeknown to the rest of companions I filled my time stalking their sleep…..

This is Ed, how this is comfortable I have no idea

This is a 4am start, no space left on the floor

This is Saskia, rocking some Buddha like sleep pose

One of my favourite pictures, meet Linda

And last but not least, the Love of my life, Steph……..

*Thanks to Steph it took some convincing but the photo made it for your viewing pleasure