Saidia Orphanage

As part of our overland tour we stopped off at one of the charities our tour company supports, it is the first time I have visited an orphanage. It was a strange feeling, being surrounded by around 60 children who are all unwanted or mistreated by their parents and abandoned. Try and get your head around that, the people who bring you into this world leave you, abandoned and alone, and we are not just talking about teenagers but children as young as 1! I still cannot get my head around it!

The orphanage is a well kept and happy home for the children and run by Teresa Wahito a former teacher. The children were just wonderful and just wanting to play and be held, a very emotional day for the whole tour, I think we all had our hearts touched, mine was touched by a young chap by the name of Moses, 4 years old, I am not sure of his story but he found me and came with me for the rest of the visit!

I know there are thousands of homes like this around the world but it was nice to be able to bring some smiles and play with these children on this day. I chatted with Teresa a little about the Orphanage and she talked about not having support from the US for the home, so I said I would see what I could do. You know what that means…..That means you should ALL feel guilty and forego the Starbucks you are about to go out and buy and visit the website and make a donation!!

Failing that they definitely could do with some new footballs, the one they had was in a bad way, so if you’re feeling ambitious perhaps someone can send a package to the Orphanage.