A Published Gallery Book Released

The Art - The root of all art is born from our deepest, personal, and consuming urge to Create, an impelling desire to share with our fellow human beings, to bring the unseen into the seen; to convey, connect, and ultimately create a new reality by understanding and fusing the undefined, limitless, internal potential to the external, physical expression in whichever form required, ultimately fashioning a permanent resting place for our Creation.

Art moves us, carries us, and externalizes every world of imagination into tangible forms. Those who hear its tantalizing whispers echoing through the veils of this world have truly been gifted the role of Transcriber, each hearing a different part of the same conversation.

How we choose to transcribe is the dance between message and messenger, whether the crack of the hammer and chisel onto stone, or the synchronous movement of passionate hands and undulating fingers shaping a stump of clay, or the clenched pencil or brush impatiently eager to adorn its vision onto a canvas with moments of present and future, or the camera shutter instantly releasing in order to capture a single moment which transcends into collages of colored emotion, or threads woven with a patterned purpose, each stitched into our fabric of thoughts, thoughts not parented by mind.

Artistry is our soul's evolution - the lifetime play between artist and observer. – Sonja-jade Lilly (Publisher)

The Book A published Gallery is now available from http://fairpoint.net