2018 Projects and New Outlets

2018 has started with a bang and Francis Minien Photography continues from the growth and success of 2017 with several new outlets and projects:

  • Francis Minien Commercial - In our ever changing industry, my personal projects and continued control of them means a need for financing so I have launched a commercial business to help supplement the costs of these projects and keep the work independent. The work simply covering People, Places, Corporate and Event Photography, fixed and transparent rates. With excellent client service, which those who know me can attest to.

  • Francis Minien Stock - Similar to the above, I have launched via the lovely people at PhotoShelter a stock photography website focused on colour landscape photography. I travel a lot, so why not share. If you looking for work check it out, failing that if you are having a bad day, these images can whisk you away to another place.

  • Everyday Everyday - I'm creating an art movement, come join me. Taking my personal work with elements of Abstract, Still Life and the Actual, I am evolving a new movement, Abstractualism. The work will continue under my personal projects, but will be more interaction on Instagram Under the tag Everyday Everyday (Evdy.) For more about Abstractualism and its definition have a read here...

This is just some of the exciting work in 2018 so far, more to Come with One in a Minien but I can't talk about that just yet. Other projects in the pipe that you can get some sneak peeks into are:

I hope 2018 is treating you well, and thank you for your continued support!