Overlanding through China

What next for China? Well our plan is to journey overland through China en route to Laos. Now barriers to this are going to be language and also train availability which is what stopped us in India completing the whole trip overland. So far we have gotten our first two trains booked with the help of a Non- Profit (more on that later), the next few will be interesting as you can only book 5-10 days in advance so its normally a mad rush to get the hard sleepers we want. The issue will be language, in Beijing we found it a pretty accessible city with English signs and lots of the younger generations speaking very good English but we have been warned that the more rural areas that this could get a little tougher. You have heard how Charades has been a bold step forward in communication for us! Let’s see how that goes!

Oh and to complete the challenge we have not figured out where we will go for definite apart from the first 3 days out from China, we have a rough plan in our heads but making it happen and translating that to Mandarin is going to be fun! It’s going to be exciting journey!