I have been to India 4 times now over the last 7 years, for approximately 4 months and I have never seen a McDonalds.  Now it’s no secret that every now and then we have ourselves a guilty pleasure and we dive in for a cheeky double cheese burger to calm the cravings for Beef. I had not expected us to be able to have ourselves a guilty pleasure in India but low and behold in Delhi at Connaught Place we found a McDonald’s.

I am fessing up to the fact we had a McDonald’s, but it was not the beef patty that I wanted to write home about but the discovery of the Aloo Burger…..

“What’s an Aloo Burger?” I hear you ask! Well let me tell you it’s the best burger since Naan Bread! Imagine a Vegetable Samosa filling. Now make that filling into a patty and bread it. Then place it in a bread bun and add some (what I can only describe as) chipotle mayonnaise, then Serve….This burger is an absolute delight and you would never know it came from McDonald’s, did I mention it cost a mere 25c/15p? Cash Back!