Mumbai Macchiato

We have been enjoying the food in Mumbai, I’m afraid to say it does not compete with Kerala for Indian Cuisine, but what it does have is a thriving Coffee Shop culture which we found and enjoyed its delights very much during our time in Mumbai.

On our first day we started out on a hunt for one particular café, Wich Latte which was in our neighbourhood. Steph was in need of a good Latte and this place sounded like it had just what she wanted. Now for those of you who have never been to Mumbai, it is not a city that has road names or does well with maps, so despite out best efforts wandering some of the back alleys of Colaba we could not find this particular café but stumbled across Kala Goda Café. This turned out to be a fantastic find a virtual Oasis, an amazing coffee shop with an artsy feel (and AC), we stayed and enjoyed drinks and a couple of Panini’s which were amazing.

The next day on our journey, we set out to find the sister café of Wich Latte, Steph was not going to be beaten today! This time we found it, a small funky little coffee shop which offered sandwiches and panini’s both International and local which were great along with a good coffee. It was almost fate we came here as on the menu they had the Michigan Melt Panini! We also found out that the other café we were looking for yesterday had actually closed, so we had not been defeated as we first thought.

One has to explain that we both love Indian food, but there is only so much Indian food you can eat because it’s a heavy and rich food and for the palette that has not grown up eating the cuisine this can become a bit too much. So often you will find yourself craving for something so simple as a sandwich or panini.

We were able to sample some more delights of the Mumbai café culture in the various suburbs around the city which was great, we even had a guilty pleasure and popped into the Costa Coffee we found in Bandra for an extra large was good!