Hanging with the Neighbours

I watched the Australian soap opera Neighbours for years, I watched during the years of my primary, secondary and university education, it was my 5.30pm TV cheese. I watched the high and the lows of the soap, I watched the afterlife successes of Kylie Minogue and failures of Jason Donovan. I watched the passing of the Robinson generations (R.I.P. Anne Hadday) and the evolution of the Mangles. I was a fan.

So being in Melbourne I could not miss this opportunity to visit the street I had watched so much, Ramsey Street! Steph had no idea and Bert called me “sad and disappointing” for this little indulgence! We jumped in our trusty stead and took a pilgrimage to Pinoak Street the real life Ramsey street!

It was surreal being on the street I was pointing out the houses to Steph and who lived where, she found it highly amusing! As sad as it was it was fun to be there for a trip down memory lane!

PS Stuart I was at Susan Kennedys House!