The Good Doctor

I met my good friend Alex (The Good Doctor, and he is a real Doctor) whilst at university; although we did not study at the same university we worked together at the local theatre and venue De Montfort Hall in Leicester, UK.  At the hall many a good time was had and many friendships made. It was also there when one drunken night Alex, Mike and I, hatched a plan to eventually meet up in Byron Bay, Australia and settle there with Alex becoming the local Doctor, Mike running a bar/café and myself running a surf school/photo gallery! Big dreams as Mike and I had not even been to Australia at this point!

Spring forward 14 years and we were on our way to visit the Good Doctor and his family, Amanda, Micah and newly born Audrey. They had just moved back to Australia after a stint in the UK, with Audrey being born not long after their return. Needless to say Alex was the only one who had made his way to Byron Bay, I don’t think our drunken night had much to do with it, but he has settled in the next bay, Lennox Head.

We arrived in Byron at night and Alex came and met us, he gave us a nighttime tour of Byron and then Lennox Head, we could not see that much of the landscape but we got our bearings and the jist of things. We arrived to an amazing BBQ dinner on the patio facing the ocean! Heaven!

It was not until the morning we discovered the true beauty of Lennox Head and house’s location! We were no more than a stones through from the beach with a view of the bay and its seven mile beach!

For the next couple of days we chilled and mooched around Lennox Head and each day Alex returned from work he stated we were more relaxed than the previous day! To be fair this is what Lennox Head and staying with Alex and Amanda does to you, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were looked after spectacularly! From amazing BBQ’s and local produce to The Good Doctor’s home brew which was fantastic we were very well looked after as is the Aussie way!

In between food and walks I spent a good portion of the day playing with young Micah, we were new best buddies and we played with allsorts of toys, but our personal favourites were Micah’s robot hands.  We had endless hours of fun with them! He even let me have my own Robot Arm! What a legend!

As well as being amazing hosts Alex and Amanda took us for a day trip to Byron Bay to see the famous beach and bay there. Micah was not able to join us this day he was hanging with his friends at play group. But we had a lovely day wandering the headland to see the lighthouse and views of the bay from the most easterly point of the continent.

Later on in the day we went for a spot of lunch by the bay and then went for a walk on the beach, and what a beach, it was pretty special. It is also a beach that seems to have a bit of everything some good scuba diving, a wreck you can snorkel and a point break that is to die for and of course beautiful weather.  It was great to finally be there and the nostalgia of agreement from many years ago it was great to be there finally with The Good Doctor, one day soon maybe the three of us will have be able to enjoy some homebrew together at Byron!