Wear & Tear

So I thought I would write a little update about the toll 6 months or so has taken on our belongings. Now keeping in mind we have been limited to clothing and belongings we have taken on this journey because of our backpacks so certain things get worn or used often if not daily. 

When we bought new items for our trip we looked for reliability in brands with the hope that these items would last us the entire trip. What I can tell you is that we have been let down by some of the brands that we would have normally sworn by!!


So far Nike, Pentax and Eagle Creek are the main offenders for products that have let us down and these are not cheap items either. Nike was a watch and flip flops that both died prematurely within the first 3 months and Eagle Creek was our Travel Alarm clock that broke after 6 weeks on the road. Now in my opinion those two manufacturers are no longer on my shopping list.


On the other side of the coin I cannot sing enough praise about Sea to Summit and Crumpler, both have had there goods well and truly tested and still no sign of damage or breaking! A Big thumbs up from the McMinien’s!


Clothes are however a different story, the amount of wearing and washing has taken its effect on most items. Things like holes, fading and stretching are apparent on some items. The good thing though is that thanks to the kind work of Steph’s Mum and our good friend Adam we have been able to update and refresh the travel wardrobe which has been nice!


As a result some things have finally been retired to the big wardrobe in the sky….check out this outfit!