Fran's 7th Continent

It was with great joy and a personal triumph that we landed in the Antipodes, I claimed my 7th continent when we landed in Auckland, New Zealand on January 11th 2011.

However I was soon to be told by a Kiwi that really Australia was the 7th Continent and not New Zealand so, I took a second shot and claimed my 7th continent when we landed in Sydney, Australia on January 31st 2011.

Now this blog is being written a little while after these two events and I am now having an internal debate with myself about what is actually correct!!! Being a Brit we were raised to understand that the terms Oceania and Australasia were the names for the Continent that included Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding Islands, but now the locals were correcting me!! Who knew!! Either way I stand by New Zealand and January 11th!!

Going back to the purpose of my blog, I was so pleased that I had finally achieved this goal! This was the big one for me and I had been dreaming about landing on all 7 continents since I was a kid. I had been to five before we had embarked on this trip and had also been to 4 continents within 6 months just a year ago, but I was not expecting to ever make all seven until later in life and I never expected to hit all 7 in one trip! I feel very privileged and happy to have finally achieved this massive dream!

The only problem is now I need a new travel ambition…..