Scenic drives

Jan 15th: Whoooossh - Lake, Trees, Hills, River. Whoooossh - Mountain, Sound, Forest, Glacier. Whoooossh - Lake, Trees, Stream…..

One can safely say that in visiting New Zealand you will not be disappointed for the scenery and landscapes that you will encounter.  We were definitely not disappointed! Locals and visitors we have met talk about the differences between the Islands and the scenery of the North Vs. the South but in my opinion both islands are just simply Fabulous!

Now I used the word fabulous because Steph and I found that we actually got sick of the words we could use to describe what we saw as we drove the 3260km/2025miles through these antipodes islands. Fabulous is a word I don’t recall using. We would literally turn a corner (which was a lot, NZ has a lot of windy roads) and be like “wow”, “amazing”, “fantastic”, “gorgeous”, “incredible”, “beautiful”, and to be fair it was well deserved. I don’t think I can recall a country that has continually had that impact on me.

The country entertains the outdoors visitor and adventurer like no other place and it is a campervan heaven (See Steph’s blog “Campervanning” and mine “The Great Outdoors”). But also simply in driving around this country you are continuously confronted by spectacular scenery and landscapes, so much that it is hard to go 10 miles without pulling over for a look or a photograph.

What is also great about this country is that the weather does not change the experience, it enhances it, what you may see of a clear sunny day in a mountain pass, is not diminished when rain or cloud comes in, only enhanced into a different eerie or mystical landscape.  

In driving around New Zealand you cannot help but marvel of the engineering feats of the road and bridge systems that help connect this country and provide the traveler a great network to visit and survey the landscapes. New Zealand is truly and Eden on earth!

*Please note I managed to use each positive describing word once in this blog and it was not easy! I cannot promise this will be the same for blogs later on!!