Most Expensive Breakfast Ever

Jan 19th: We are supposed to be on a budget however this particular morning after some rave reviews and the fact that I was told not to miss out trying the crayfish on the Kaikoura coastline we pulled off the highway into a little spot by the ocean with a little cabin and crayfish business called ‘nins bin’.

Now I am sure those who had recommended this local delicacy had not foreseen that this treat would end up being for breakfast, but even so at 8am in the morning after a bout of guilt, firstly for the fact that this would be a treat I try alone as Steph is allergic to shell fish and secondly for the cost, crayfish are not cheap, see below and yes that’s their price not their weight and these were the smaller ones, some man bowled in and had a $40 one for now and a $120 to take home!!

Once the guilt was dealt with and reassurances from Steph she would find a treat for herself I indulged in a Garlic Butter Crayfish for breakfast. I did not have to wait too long, my crayfish arrived and between the smell and the site of it my mouth was watering.

I took my breakfast out to the best table in the house, a washed up log on the beach, and there I sat in the morning sunlight prepared to eat the most expensive breakfast ever… it was amazing the crayfish was so succulent and flavorful, that my mouth is watering just typing about it, I got some great photographs of me enjoying my prized breakfast, it was one I could not and will not forget, simply superb. And bless Steph that’s all she got to do at this little pit stop was photograph my indulgence!!