Black & White Past Projects

What follows is a catalog of prior personal photographic projects spanning Francis Minien's full career to date.

NYC BW Web1.jpg

4 New York

(2003 - 2011) 


MFUSA 2010web1.jpg

The Faces of Microfinance USA



perspectives 1.jpg


(2000 - 2006)


Woman 2000-2001.jpg


(2000 - 2001)


Human Remains Web001.jpg

Human Remains

(1996 - 1998)

This body of work explores urban decay in the former manufacturing town of Leicester in the UK. The series of black and white photographs were taken over a two-year period as an exploration of the city’s decaying infrastructure.

The photographs examine what was left behind, what was allowed to be trashed and what nature had started to reclaim and a new human underbelly had started to inhabit.