Designer Weekends: Traveling the World through the Lens of Francis Minien

A new outlet for Francis Minien Photography has been a recent article about the 1 day 1 photo project completed as part of the Around the World Trip by the McMiniens in 2011/2012. Regan Billingsley Interiors picked up on the project and posted a recent article on her Blog. Read the article here

Regan Billingsley has spent 12+ years experience decorating and renovating homes in New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles and beyond, designing boutique office spaces, creating retail environments for companies like Polo Ralph Lauren. Projects have been featured in several regional publications such as The New York Times, Naples News, and the Rehoboth Coast Press. We’ve also contributed to projects published in magazines such as Elle Decor, Robb Report, and House Beautiful.

She Believe’s In giving homeowners the confidence of designing and renovating their home. In helping our clients enjoy the process without having to worry about it. In good design, no matter the budget.

For more information on her work visit her website Regan Billingsley Interiors here and her fantastic Designer Weekends and other related blogs here